Novel deVice (noveldevice) wrote in dot_solipsist,
Novel deVice

There's a refrain running through my head...

"I bet you think this group is about you, don't you, don't you, don't you..."

Speaking of solipsists, one of the English GTAs and I were crossing the street when we saw a car with its blinkers on, partway down the hill. We put our books and bags down, and asked the driver if she needed a push. "Please!" she said, "I called campus security forty minutes ago and they said they'd be right over to help."

So we pushed her car to the top of the hill, aided by another girl passing by, who stopped when she saw us pushing.

The driver had been sitting there for forty minutes through campus rush hour, and no one stopped to help, even though they had to drive around her car in order to get into the parking garage. It's like some sort of weird blindness. Someone needs help? Not my problem!
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